Anonymous asked : What made you decide that you wanted to be a musician and a photographer?

I didn’t.  All my hobbies just become my job eventually.

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fullmetal-wasteland asked : I was doing some research on the word meanings and I was just wondering why you decided to title your song Deus Ex Machina? The CD itself is amazing by the way. Definitely in my top 10

Thanks!  Deus Ex Machina, literally latin for the god from the machine, comes from classic Greek and Roman theater, and was a device used to lower the gods from the heavens to resolve unsolvable plots.  As such, it has a number of different connotations—order from chaos, an unexpected resolution to an impossible situation, or a contrived ending.  The overarching philosophy behind The End of the World Suite is that the end is, in fact, the beginning.  That’s the core reason why I wanted to begin with Deus Ex Machina and proceed from there.  Additionally, the literal translation plays off of the secular, “love not divinity” theme I put forward in the speech contained within the track.

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Anonymous asked : what was your sophomore year of high school like? any tips?

I don’t really remember.  I didn’t like high school.  I guess it’s worth noting that nothing is quite as important as it seems at the time, so try to enjoy the ride and nurture some genuine interests before life rears its ugly head and rains a fiery shit-storm of crushing indifference in your general direction.

Anonymous asked : i pray to god every night before bed that one day i can meet you

Anonymous asked : why are you always squinting and pouting at the camera? open your eyes and try fucking smiling

Thanks for the advice!  Always looking to improve.  =)

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v0wel asked : what's your favorite Björk album?

Homogenic, I think.  I really love Vespertine and Post, Homogenic is the most epic and the dynamic really resonates with me.

the-map-on-my-skin asked : Just bought your album today! Best birthday present I have given myself :)

Woo!  Happy birthday!

inpiratiolunam asked : So, you are the biggest inspiration mine when it came to picking up photography! Any advice for a college student going into the industry?


I don’t know if I’m the best person to ask, since I’m not successful by any stretch of the imagination, so take this advice with a grain of salt:  

Work your ass off.  Tons of people will be better than you—just make sure you’re the hardest working.  Learn from those you respect and dissect what it is about their work that connects with you.  Art is a terrible way to make money, so be prepared to have massive ups and downs.  A lot more downs than ups, actually—for a long time.  Every time you feel like quitting, ask yourself if it’s really what you want to be doing, and if the answer is “yes,” keep pushing.  Be the last one standing.  Over time, your skill and taste will continue to improve, though rarely at the same time.  As best as I can tell, the secret to success is that there’s no secret.  It’s a grind.  That being said, value your work—don’t let people walk all over you.  If you stick it out, people will begin to notice and appreciate what you do.

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Anonymous asked : what the fuck do you even do

Whatever the fuck I even want.

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