Irreconcilable Differences.
Anonymous asked : why do you ignore people that say good things about you and give some attention to some people who are just being mean for no reason? do you really need to act like you're so famous that you have to ignore good people/fans?

I think you’re erroneously assuming that lots of people say good things about me.  I’m always gracious when people are complimentary.  In fact, if you scroll through my tumblr, you can see several examples of it.  I do, however, feel very strongly that internet bullies need to be made to feel stupid.  There’s an overwhelming sense that you can say whatever the shit you want online and it has no impact, especially in regard to public figures since there’s an underlying assumption that they’ll never see it.  I’m not famous, and I don’t purport to be.  If I were, I’d spend an hour a day doing nothing but singling out shit-talkers and belittling them.  I think it’s important for people to know that this stuff happens.  I don’t take unwarranted abuse on the chin.

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Anonymous asked : You're an ugly person inside and out.

Thanks for the heads up.  I’ll try to eat some makeup and address that for you, internet stranger.

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Zebra in a Blender. 
Damage Limitation.
Lindsay’s Technicolor Inkblot. Kode Cover No. 1.
Anonymous asked : Ur the best! :D


Infinity.  #tbt #utopia #kerli
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the-map-on-my-skin asked : So I decided I would do a little drawing of your stage name because I was doing that with some of my favorite musicians (well pretty much all of them) and I'm wondering if you would like to see it? It's almost done.

Of course!

Anonymous asked : You're really hot and I just masturbated to you...