Anonymous asked : what the fuck do you even do

Whatever the fuck I even want.

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Anonymous asked : Are all pictures in this tumblr taken by you? because I absolutely love them. P/S: I love your sassy words :P P/S2: Please tell Kerli that she should come to Argentina :)


Anonymous asked : If you were to work with any celebrity that you have not worked with before who would it be?

Björk would be amazing, but I think DJ Shadow is at the very top of my list.

Kerli - Worlds Apart pt. 2 by Brian Ziff
"Kerli - Worlds Apart" by Brian Ziff
Los Angeles.
kerli-bubblegoth-spot asked : The Worlds Apart still/image you posted really blew me away! Your work is so amazing!

Thanks!  Wait until you see the rest.  =)

"Kerli - Worlds Apart," by Brian Ziff
Anonymous asked : Describe yourself in one word.